Australia's Most Romantic Holiday Destinations

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What better way to rekindle your relationship or get intimate with your new partner than going on a romantic getaway in beautiful Australia. Whether it be a romantic night under the stars or a five-class music venue, Australia has something to offer to every kind of couple.

The choices are endless and it can be intimidating to pick the perfect spot to possibly make the greatest memories of your life. But worry not, we are here to narrow down the list for you by cherry-picking the most esteemed, romantic places in all of Australia.

The Star Sydney

The iconic Star Hotel is a premier Sydney hotel and casino located in the harbor of Sydney. It has multiple restaurants and bars which include an alfresco terrace, an all-day dining restaurant, live entertainment venues, and its own nightclub. You can try your luck at the casino games or try some of the best online casino Australia has to offer.

The Star Hotel is one of the most luxurious places in Sydney, so it’s no surprise why this would be an ideal location for your romantic weekend getaway. The venue also has a spa spot for couples. Treat yourself to some time out with your partner after a long week of hard work. The Darling Spa has an entire menu of options for treating your skin and body, so you can expect that it will be extremely relaxing.

Cable Beach, Broome WA

Located along the coastline of Western Australia, Cable Beach is a picture-perfect location to watch sunsets and horseback ride your way into the sunset. The beach itself is beautiful and has soft white sand with calm waters perfect for families and lovers alike.

It also has several cafes, restaurants, and bars within walking distance (or short drive). Book a room in the Cable Beach Resort or one of the bed and breakfast establishments nearby to really make this summer unforgettable.

Heart Reef, QLD

Heart Reef, also called Heart Island, is a naturally formed coral reef located off the coast of Queensland. This special spot makes for one of the best destinations in Australia for snorkeling and scuba diving because it’s teeming with marine life! Jellyfishes, sea turtles, manta rays, and large schools of fish will surround you as you snorkel through the beautiful coral reef.

Take a boat ride and explore nearby reefs such as Cod Hole and Lighthouse Bommie for some different but equally impressive views.

Heart Reef is not only popular among divers, though. It’s also one of the most sought-after wedding destinations in Australia! Weddings are usually scheduled around the sunset because it’s when the colors in the sky are most vibrant. It can't get any more romantic than that.

Final Thoughts

No matter how much you love snuggling at home with your significant other, there comes a time when simply hiding in your house isn’t enough. Noises from the neighbors next door, pending office assignments, and the daily troubles of life can frustrate anyone. We hope this article will help you find the perfect spot for your next romantic getaway.



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