Top-Rated Fishing Destinations in Australia

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Australia has many different species of fish swimming in the coastline which stretches for thousands of kilometres. You will find fish all the way from the cool south waters to the tropical end. People can engage in all types of fishing such as saltwater fishing, rock fishing, flats fishing, beach fishing and game fishing. Popular fishing methods include fishing with bait, casting a fly or spinning a lure. If you want to do freshwater fishing, you can do so in rivers, pristine lakes and mountain streams.

Best fishing spots are;

Lake Eucumbene, NSW

Lake Eucumbene is situated in the heart of snowy mountains and is the best location for catching trout. Here you will find multiple species of trout such as the brown, brook and rainbow trout. Visitors are allowed to fish throughout the year except during winter. Winter season is the time when trout and many other species do breeding.

Queenscliff, VIC

It is situated near the Bellarine Peninsula and people conduct many water activities there, including catching fish. Bass Strait, which is nearby, is home to Mako sharks, bronze whalers, snappers, swordfish, whiting and trevally. You can catch fish or relax on the famous wooden pier in town while engaging in fun virtual games in the best casino Australia site.

Tiwi Islands, NT

The Tiwi Islands is a paradise for fishing enthusiasts because of its warm water and clear lagoons which have led to the breeding of many exotic species. Some of the fish you can catch there include Saratoga, barramundi, marlin, grouper and the golden snatcher. If you want a serene place where you can fish in peace, then this is the place because it can only be accessed by a plane. Therefore, there is no overcrowding. Moreover, the locals are friendly and can assist you to avoid any dangers such as stingers or crocodiles.

Cairns, QLD

This is a great location for catching exotic species. It is situated near the Great Barrier Reef, meaning you can get barracuda, mahi-mahi or wahoo. Moreover, it is a great area to catch giant marlins.

Derwent Valley, TAS

The lakes and rivers around Maydena have so many salmon and trout ready to be caught by your hooks. The lakes are wide and stretch out into the wilderness, which prevents overcrowding of fishermen and will give you plenty of space to enjoy the peaceful setting. The lake is also easily accessible via the many campgrounds, which will allow you to escape from the busy and noisy life and retreat into a quiet and serene environment.

Other great fishing spots are Lake Macquarie, Exmouth, Port Lincoln, Hervey Bay, Warrnambool, Busselton, Kakadu, St. Helens and Cape York. When you are in the country, you will never lack a great spot to catch some amazing fish species. The country has so many beaches and lakes that are teeming with fish.


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